Thursday, July 28, 2011

African Mango Supplement

Everyone is talking about the Irvingia Gabonensis supplement, the new weight loss supplement that has finally arrived in the western world. The fruit and dried seed of the African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis), as it is commonly called, has been used for centuries by natives of western and central Africa where it is prized for its nutritional and medicinal properties. It is only in recent years that western scientists have discovered the effectiveness of African mango extract as a weight loss supplement.

Irvingia gabonensis is native to the deserts of West Africa where it is known as wild mango or bush mango. The fruit closely resembles the color and shape of a mango. Native tribes of West Africa have used it for food and medicine. Its first recorded use was two centuries ago when it helped feed the Nigerian Benin army. For the last 20 years scientists have been testing and proving its medicinal properties. With the help of the United Nations, the African mango was recently introduced into the Western marketplace.

After years of extensive research, scientists have discovered that Irvingia gabonensis has many benefits to offer. Clinical studies show that it fights obesity by boosting the metabolism naturally. Thus, it burns stored fat at a faster rate. The Irvingia Gabonensis supplement also has the ability to suppress the appetite. Further, studies also show that the Irvingia Gabonensis lowers the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) while it increases good cholesterol levels (HDL). It is rich in natural soluble fiber and works as a mild laxative. By naturally suppressing the appetite, it can support a low calorie diet that can be used in conjunction with an exercise program for weight loss. It also delays emptying of the stomach. You feel full longer and end up eating less. Research shows that subjects experienced dramatic weight loss even without changing their diet or exercise. Health experts, however, recommend eating a sensible diet and exercising regularly. 

Studies also show that the Irvingia Gabonensis supplement can help people with certain types of diabetes. African mango extract seems to aid in the management of glucose levels. The extract delays stomach emptying which leads to greater absorption of sugars. Thus, Irvingia helps reduce blood sugar levels after a meal.


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