Friday, September 9, 2011

African Mango Extract

What is African mango extract? What does it have? African Mango extract, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular components in the health supplement industry. Study shows that it serves as the mechanism of all natural supplements intended to relieve you to realized better weight loss, high cholesterol and prominent blood sugar levels.

Where did African mango extract come? Well, obviously it comes from African mango itself. African mango is native in West Africa. There are different terms given to African mangoes. Sometimes it creates confusions. Irvingia gabonensis is considered and recognize as botanical name for African mango tree. Other names for African mango are bread tree, dika nut tree and bush mango. Unlike other mango varieties, it is only found in West Africa. It has nuts which are small like those of shelled nuts. The nuts comes African mango contains big amount of fats and fibers. In one area in West Africa where African mangoes are common researchers found that there were small percentages or incidence of fatness or diabetes. African mango extract is also used as thickener for liquids.

African mango extract is commonly used to heal gastric disorders, diabetes, heart disease, burns, and it is also a good source to get better of vitamin A deficiency which is commonly in the third world countries. In addition African mango extract is also good for those who have poor dietary habits and those who experienced insufficient nutrients in pregnancy.

There are so many researches now about African mango extracts. Research shows that the extract is used to lessen glucose level of diabetic persons. There are studies that only focus in daily consumptions of African mangoes. The study leads to the formulations of capsules, pills and other supplements nowadays.

African mango extracts is currently used in formulation of weight loss products that go through the market nowadays.


African Mango is the sensational new diet which has just arrived in Australia from the USA.
This diet has been passed down from generation to generation in Africa but now the cat is out of the bag!
Doctors and diet gurus alike are singing the praises of this amazing super fruit!african mango

Hey! i am using this supplements since two months now and found it a useful supplement for obese people. Undoubtedly, African Mango is a useful tonic to burn fat.

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