Friday, August 19, 2011

How Leptin Works in the Body

The main consensus concerning obesity and weight loss seems to be that it is all about the right diet and shear willpower. However that really may not be the case. There could actually be a genetic disposition that causes people to have trouble losing weight, keeping their appetite in check and causing them to overeat. This nature could be caused by a resistance to an important substance in the body called Leptin.

But what is Leptin? It is an influential protein in the body that is produced by human fat cells. It is responsible in communicating directly with the brain and tells the brain how much fat is stored in the body. It helps control your appetite, energy levels, hormone balance and metabolic rate.

Those who are constantly struggling with their weight sometimes don't do anything differently than those who are not struggling. They may eat the same foods, get the same amount of exercise but still, to no avail, they have troubles losing weight. They try the newest diet plan available and/or a quick weight loss supplement; and they still can't seem to come down to their desired weight. And if they do lose some weight as soon as they go off of the diet plan or stop taking the supplements, they gain the weight right back and sometimes even more.

When you are lean and have very little fat stores, leptin helps regulate your weight by controlling the appetite and using any of stored fat as energy. However, if you are overweight there is a problem with the said hormone’s levels. Insufficient production of the hormone could be the primary reason for food cravings, overeating, an obsession with food, and a slow metabolic rate.

Leptin is essential for survival because it provides the appropriate response to starvation. Ensure that you have just the right amount of this beneficial protein in your body. Stay fit, stay healthy and keep the communication lines between your stomach and your brain in perfect shape. 


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