Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Test Subjects Lost More Weight with the African Mango Seed Extract

The African Mango extract is scientifically known as Irvingia gabonensis. It is a plant that grows only in the Cameroon forests of Africa. When this African mango seed extract was studied by the University of Yaoundé, it was revealed that the subjects who took it in a specified period of time lost more weight than the subjects who took another weight loss supplement.

Further, the seed extract is also said to be a water-soluble fiber; so those who take it get the benefits of fiber supplementation too. Another key trait of Irvingia is that it helps increase your sensitivity to leptin. Leptin is the hormone that “tells” your brain that you've had enough to eat. Some people may say that, because of this fact, it is a natural appetite suppressant. That might be true, but note that your sensitivity to leptin might decrease if you stop your daily dose of the African Mango seed extract too soon. Therefore, it would be more accurate to suggest that with the right amount of exposure, the extract will help correct, or increase, your sensitivity to leptin.

The documented benefits of this seed extract have been proven in clinical trials. In a certain tests, the control group which was given only placebo lost only a few pounds; but those who were given the African mango pills lost more. Both test groups were exposed to the same environmental condition and both were placed on the same low calorie diet. In conclusion, the subjects taking the Irvingia Gabonensis supplement had four times more weight loss than those who were simply dieting without the supplement.

An additional benefit experienced by those taking the supplement was that they had significantly reduced their levels of bad cholesterol. The clinical study done on the African mango seed extract was promising; participants lost more weight than conventional dieters by taking 350mg of the supplement three times a day. If you've tried losing weight in the past and have been unsuccessful, you may want to look into this dietary supplement in order to speed up your weight loss and reduce your level of bad cholesterol.


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